Can’t attend an event? No problem! Using social media campaigns, organizations can have a real presence at important trade shows, conferences and exhibitions even if they cannot attend in person. By mapping out these events, researching the on-line communities and event schedules and using appropriate social media platforms, our creative management tools can achieve lasting, measurable results.

The HIMSS Campaign:

When our client, MedSelfEd (MSE) couldn’t attend a major healthcare conference we used Twitter and YouTube to support a campaign that engaged the healthcare buyers, satisfied MSE CCTV (Close Circuit TV) distribution partners, and kept MSE competitors from honing in their clients.

We understood that the attendees of the HIMSS2012 conference were internet-savvy, YouTube watching young professionals who like to get their information from social media platforms. We also knew that at the show, all group meetings and newsworthy events would be uploaded to YouTube with keyword titles that included HIMSS and HIMSS12.

  • Several weeks before the conference we launched our social networking campaign by seeding all PreOpcom YouTube videos with the keywords “HIMSS” and “HIMMS12.”
  • We used HIMSS and HIMMS12 in the video titles and playlists to optimize their searchability.
  • We created an automated Twitter campaign that broadcast tweets timed around the exhibition and training schedule at the conference.
  • Our Tweet campaign was based on 7 key #hashmarks that were used by the community; our messages were simple: “Watch our PreOp surgery videos,” “Review the best patient education” and “Make it available within your facilities on your new systems.”
  • Each tweet went out with a video attached.

The Results:

  • Our client, the PreOp Surgery Video Centers was virtually present in every search on YouTube using HIMSS and HIMSS12.
  • MSE achieved complete YouTube “featured video” domination. For every search for a HIMSS event, expo, or course video, there is a string of PreOp Surgery Videos on the right side of the YouTube page.
  • Within all 7 #Hashmark communities including #HIMSS, #HIMSS12, #healthIT, and PreOp, the videos scored within the top 4 “Top Videos” and were highlighted within the Twitter site page.
  • Our target audiences continued to see PreOp videos within the two most used social networks (Twitter and YouTube) during and after the show.
  • Even today, months after the show, any review on YouTube of the video content generated from the show connects to PreOp videos in the “featured video” section of the frame.


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