The Benefits of an Enhanced YouTube Channel

You may have heard people talking about Enhanced vs. Standard YouTube channels. What exactly does that mean? Standard channels are the ones that anyone can set up using a Google email address. Enhanced channels have additional features and functionality.

Enhanced channels are available to colleges and universities through YouTube’s EDU program or from a Google Content Provider like CMTv.

Here are some of the benefits of an Enhanced Channel as compared to a Standard Channel.

High Impact, Interactive Banners:

Enhanced YouTube Channels feature a “clickable” banner at the top of the page. This allows you to link your Channel directly to your Web site and also to reproduce the “look and feel” of your Web site. This provides direct integration with your existing outreach and provides a more professional look. In fact, YouTube banners are completely mappable so you can link directly to different parts of your school’s website, like the DSU banner, or to different YouTube channels, such as Northwestern. Standard channels have no banner; the only branding is at the top of the screen like you can see on the Curry College channel.

Delaware State University uses mapping to link directly to pages on their website.

Northwestern University highlights its YouTube play lists in its banner.

Curry College has a standard channel. There is no banner; the only branding comes from the college name.

“Instant On” Video:

Enhanced Channels have a “featured video” which plays as soon as you visit the page, immediately engaging your viewers. Standard channels are static. Many colleges and universities use this feature to play a 60-second promotional video.

Branding Boxes:

With an Enhanced YouTube Channel you have blocks to sign up subscribers, link to specific topic
areas, and fully active links to other pages and sites. This helps you “push” visitors to the most relevant parts of your Web sites and create direct links to areas of interest. Standard channels have no branding boxes.

Branding boxes allow you to link users back to pages on your Website or other social media.

This box links to a description of the college's video contest.


Video for companies . . . with no video

Lots of times I talk to companies who say they can’t have a YouTube Channel because they don’t have video.

But most of them have still photos. Those that don’t can use stock!

We created a short video for Cuming Corporation to use in its booth at an upcoming tradeshow that combines their own product photography with stock very effectively.

Why Playlists are Important on YouTube

One of the most under-utilized tools on YouTube Channels are playlists. Frequently I visit channels that probably have some great content buried in the 239 videos they have uploaded . . . but who can find it?

Playlists allow you to group your videos thematically and provide a a simple way for users to find the content that interests them. To make your playlists effective, organize them by themes that are meaningful to your audience.

Because playlists are indexed separately from search, playlists also will help make your videos rank higher on searches. Remember to use SEO techniques such as well-written descriptions, key words and tags.

You can also embed playlists into websites to make them more visible to viewers.

Playlists will also increase discoverability because they are indexed separately from search.

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